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Evan Lindberg

In seven short years Evan Lindberg accomplished more than most of us do in a lifetime. He lived every day with joy in his heart, compassion in his soul, and love and laughter as his guiding stars. He showed us what was possible when you look at life through a positive lens. Never waste a moment, and never live in fear.
Evan did all of this after being diagnosed at the tender age of three with Stage IV neuroblastoma, a cruel and deadly pediatric cancer. Neuroblastoma did not define him, however. Neuroblastoma never stood a chance with Evan. It may have taken his body in the fall of 2010, but his spirit lives within us every day. We are who we are because of Evan. Thousands of friends, family, and supporters from all over the world feel the same way.
It is in Evan’s memory that we are going to cure neuroblastoma. No child should ever have to endure what our son endured; 7 surgeries, 4 of which were brain surgeries. Over 35 rounds of toxic chemotherapy. More than 100 nights in the hospital. 25 excruciatingly painful days of immunotherapy. Weeks of intense radiation treatment to his brain, spine, abdomen and hip. A constant stream of CTs, MRIs, full-body bone scans, blood draws, shots, physical therapy and other grueling medical procedures. Pain, nausea and discomfort were constant companions. Toughness and resolve were Evan’s response.
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